Technical and Engineering
Technical and Engineering

Technical and Engineering

We are continually working hard to provide the best quality products of both solar modules and mounting systems to our clients worldwide.

For modules, through full application of Total Quality Control systems in whole vertically integrated í░chain of supervisioní▒ manufacturing process, we aim to provide the best quality solar modules to clients with reliable and durable high power performance.   

And for mounting systems, we aim to provide products with high performance of mechanical loading under harsh environments, more than 20 years of lifetime by improving anti-corrosion effects, and cost effectiveness by optimizing design and cost structure.

The manufacturing sites are completely certified to ISO 9000, 14000 and OHSAS 18000 quality assurances.

            Engineer's Office



Engineering Design:


We have a group of engineers specialized in engineering design for solar mounting systems as per customerí»s specific project technical requirements. We use sophisticated software     and CAE analysis method to design and analyze structure of solar mounting systems.

We totally understand that there is no single solar mounting system applicable to all project sites because each and every site is different - geographically, topographically and with respect to structural loading requirements ĘC wind speed and snow loading. Based on the dimension of solar module, project size and soil conditions, we provide a specific engineered solar mounting system matching to the site conditions at your solar farm.

We understand that foundations are the most important element of a solar mounting structure; our engineers design foundations to have an adequate load capacity with limited settlement. We consider all applicable design aspects including, but not limited to, the characteristics of the soil, weight of the structure, live loads, transient load and settlement when designing the foundation for the most economic and robust solar mounting system. Foundation type may vary due to soil conditions and penetration restrictions ĘC concrete, pile driven and screw driven.

We kindly suggest the clients to have one soil reports signed by a certified geotech engineer so that our engineers can follow the soil reports information to design the appropriate foundation.

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