Company Introduction
Company Introduction

China Jiangsu International Group Ltd.

Established in the year of 1980, China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Group Ltd. is one of the biggest top 500 state-owned companies in China. With its long history and rich experience in international business, project contracting and manufacturing; China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Group Corp. has well severed customers in more than 100 countries, with international branch companies spread in more than 30 countries. Total assets reach 10 billion USD, and employment worldwide reaches 20,000 staff.

Its continually ranking top 225 ENR international biggest contractors since the year of 2000, constructed many high quality of building and infrastructure projects located in USA, Japan, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia regions.

China Jiangsu International Group Ltd. aims to be one well-known international contractor, supplier and server in the World!

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As one dedicated solar business division under China Jiangsu International Group Ltd, einnova-solarline continually works hard to supply the best cost to value and high quality products to clients worldwide.

Within the past 10 years of fast-growing solar industry worldwide, China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Group Corp. actively supply various types of solar modules and mounting systems for clients all over the World. By using its traditionally strong management in supply chain and manufacturing, and professional technical Research and Development collaborated with strategical partners in China, the company is able to supply the best quality solar module to clients, and well-developed and designed pre-assembled solar mounting systems with affordable price, extremely durable solar mounting systems applicable at different locations worldwide C ground area likes along seaside, mountainous region, plain, desert and even over water of fish ponds; roof likes flat commercial roof, tilt metal sheet commercial roof, residential roof. 

So far, we have supplied solar modules and mounting systems for projects in Japan, Europe, Australia, USA, Middle East, China and Africa regions with a total installed capacity of more than 800 megawatts. Our reference projects underline our reputations as a reliable and professional partner for our clients worldwide. 

Solar modules and mounting systems are exposed to the most harsh weather conditions for years and years outside the door. If you want to ensure the safe and trouble-free generation of clean power in the 20 years long project lifetime, you must be able to rely on best quality of products, not only inverters and other electrical equipments, but also the reliable solar modules and their supporting structure C solar mounting systems, to avoid the risk of falling down of whole projects under strong wind or snow loading during certain period of time of project life. Therefore reliable high quality solar modules and mounting systems are a guarantee of your solar project lifetime - more than 20 years. 

To be able to guarantee top quality and long-term investment returns despite harsh weather conditions, we purchase exclusively first-class materials with state of the art manufacturing process to produce high quality and durable solar modules and mounting systems.

The solar modules are produced by full automatically production line with Germany and Japanese brand equipments; and we use cloudy manufacturing IT system for full tracking record of each piece of solar modules on production line C thats the difference we are from other competitors! Our slogan is each piece of modules on production line must comply to IEC 61215 and 61730 standards. We have got TUV, UL, JET product certificates, and the manufacturing systems comply with ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 completely!

The solar mounting systems are manufactured by high precision machines with strict quality control system complying to ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 as well. Our specific designed mounting systems are suitable for photovoltaic projects located at any weather conditions. Accordingly, we have collaborated with independent renowned third party laboratory to confirm the quality of our products by means of extensive tests. We thus provide you with a warranty of reliable products for long-term excellent performance in the field, which will make you feel extremely conformable and confident.

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  Einnova Solarline China(Headquarter) Einnova Solarline Malaysia
No. 5 Beijing West Road, Nanjing, China 210008



1-Alan AL-305, KG Baru, Jalan Besar KG Baru, Sungai Buloh, 47000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel:6012-202 5478

Contact : Recef Sim(Sales Director for Malaysia)

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