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The number of companies offering solar modules has increased fast since the year 2000, therefore the solar market is full of different brands with different quality modules, even though each company offers 25 years of warranty, BUT very few are able to survive for 25 years, that¡¯s a big financial risk for solar project investors worldwide! 

China Jiangsu International Group Ltd. has the proven experience and expertise, which will differentiate itself as one of most reliable and committed solar module supplier in the industry.

What advantages can you benefit from our solar modules?                         

Proven Financial Stability

China Jiangsu International Group made up of 30 companies, accounting for more than 20,000 employees world widely. Total assets reach near USD 10 billion. In fact, we have been profitable every year of operation. We were rated ¡°AAA¡± by Bank of China for many years¨Chigh quality with very low credit risk (No current outstanding debt!), and the company is ranked #122 on ENR 250 world widely. It¡¯s one of top 500 biggest state-owned companies in China; No other Chinese solar company has such strength.

Proven Manufacturing

China Jiangsu International Group Ltd only collaborate with most professional partners to manufacture solar modules at production site using a true vertical integration process called "Chain of Supervision." This superior approach gives China Jiangsu International Group Ltd complete control over every step of the manufacturing process, producing modules with built-in quality, proven superior field performance, and tight power tolerance.

We've successfully increased full quality control system by using cloudy IT manufacturing system¨Call to improve the quality and efficiency of our solar panels. Our state of art manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001 & 14001, and OHSAS 18000, and produce state of the art technology.

Proven Products

In the past years, we have Zero Quality Claims from our clients. Thanks to our applied most strict Total Quality Control system throughout our supply chain and manufacturing process. We set up ¡°Zero Bubble and Zero Micro Crack¡± for each piece of module across our production line, which is seldom used by many manufacturers!

Through dedication to research and a drive to be the best, we¡¯re consistently challenging ourselves for superior quality for our industry... and the world is better for it. China Jiangsu International Group Ltd will continue to outperform the industry, even under the harshest conditions.

Proven System Performance

Independent tests show our solar modules have recorded the highest average output of any crystalline module. These tests, conducted at the third-party laboratory center, put various systems on an even playing field, enabling accurate and unbiased comparisons of technology performance.

Data gathered from three large-scale power plants using our modules in China show that actual power generation has exceeded the expected power generation by investors. This demonstrates the real field high performance of our solar modules.

Proven Dedication

Central to our company's mission is the passion to help others¨C what we call "Our Solar Spirit." People count on China Jiangsu International Group Ltd. to provide reliable, renewable energy in the worldwide. Ask those in the village of Kenco in Kenya, Africa if Einnova-Solarline solar panels, the village's sole source of electricity, have changed their lives.

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